New Saw with stupid title

Uptil now the Saw series have had their normal names, with ‘Saw’, followed by the respective numbers. Now, though, they’ve seemed to changed their decision about the name, and renamed it to a stupid title, just to fit ‘3D’ in it. What’s the new title supposed to be? ‘Saw 3D: The Traps come Alive’.Which dipshit tought this was a GOOD idea? Okay, the Saw franchise is dying, and this seems to be a last desperate effort to punch the breath into it again – but how about actually start making good movies again, rather than playing tricks with us, making up new stupid titles?

However, I could’ve gone with it if this movie actually was the third movie, but to replace ‘VII’ with ‘3D’ just doesn’t work for me. I actually enjoyed the sixth movie, after two horrible efforts to continue on the ‘torture porn-fenomenon’, since they actually went back to what it was about earlier on, to some point – the mystery, the suspense – but this non-creative title have gotten my hopes down again on forehand of the seventh entrance of the series. The only things getting my hopes up are that they’ve gotten Kevin Greutert – the man who created Saw VI, the best film in the series since the second – back as director, and that Cary Elwes FINALLY is back!

Let’s hope the actual film doesn’t turn up to be as bad as it’s title..

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