Top 10: Actors to play the new Hulk in The Avangers

As known, Edward Norton is probably out of chances to play The Hulk in the upcoming assembling of superheroes ‘The Avengers’. Marvel have officially stated that a new unknown actor will be given the part, and therefore this Top 10 of actors who should get the part is created. Enjoy!

1: Ryan Gosling

Maybe the actor who deserves this role the most? Has shown over the years what big talent he actually have, with movies like The United States of Leland, Fracture, Half Nelson, Lars and the Real Girl, Stay, The Notebook etc. etc. And now I think he definately deserves to be tested in a really big movie, in a more action-role. Who’s the new Hulk? Hopefully Ryan Gosling.

2: Alexis Denisof

Kind of have the looks of Edward Norton, thus being a good choice for the upcoming Hulk. The kind-of macho type, who will create a good macho atmosphere in the movie. Want macho? Go for Denisof.

3: Ryan Phillippe

Kind of the same type as Alexis Denisof, just younger. Talented man, who definately deserves more attention in Hollywood then he’s gotten so far in his carreer. Known from films like The I Inside, Stop-Loss, The Way of the Gun, Breach, Chaos and Crash. This shows that he’s gotten roles in pretty big movies, but so far he’s not gotten any chance to reach up among the big stars. In my opinion, he deserves this now.

4: James Franco

Another talented actor. He’s definately not as much ‘macho’ as the two others, but would still be a good choice for The Hulk if you ask me. Has shown on several occasions what potential he actually have, and with this movie I definately think he will reach out for he’s max.

5: Zachary Quinto

Known for his role as Spock in J.J. Abrams ‘Star Trek’, and also Sylar in the hit series ‘Heroes’, Quinto definately has shown that he’s some of the most exciting new actors out there. Very talented actor, who also have the looks to become Bruce Banner/The Hulk.

6: Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Has shown that he can play both the goody two-shoes roles, but also in action movies. In films like 500 Days of Summer, Brick and the sitcom series 3rd Rock from the Sun Gordon-Levitt showed that he’s capable of handling drama and comedy roles very well, and in G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra he also showed that action is something that fits him well. With that in mind, I believe that Joseph Gordon-Levitt also would’ve been a good choice.

7: Ben Foster

Ben Foster is an actor who could play almost every kind of roles. He could play in all kinds of films as well, from the dramas Alpha Dog, The Messenger and Bang bang you’re Dead, to the more action-kind of movies Hostage, Pandorum and X-Men: The Last Stand. Therefore I also believe he would be a  good choice for The Hulk.

8: Nathan Fillion

Here we’re back with the more ‘action-type’. Fillion is known for movies like Serenity, where he’s also known from the TV-series ‘Firefly’, which led up to the movie, and also Slither and Waters Edge. Uptil now Fillion have been most known for his roles in TV-series, with the mentioned Firefly, and also ‘Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place’, ‘Castle’ and ‘Desperate Housewives’. Now, though, I think he could deserve a chance in a big movie, like ‘The Avengers’.

9: Emile Hirsch

The same type as Ryan Phillippe. Kind of macho, with a talented way of acting. To now in his carreer Hirsch is known from movies like Alpha Dog, Lords of Dogtown, Into the Wild, Speed Racer, Milk, Taking Woodstock and The Girl Next Door. Thus, he’s taken a bigger step forward to the big movies, than Phillippe have done, but still I believe Hirsch could be good to get a huge role like this.

10: Jamie Bell

In similarity to James Franco, James Bell would’ve worked because of his good acting skills. Not the ‘macho’ type, but a very talented actor. However, the chances of him having time to play The Hulk, is not big, when he’s already playing the part as Tintin.

That’s it for now. Comment if you want, and look out for the next Top 10 here on slashwirE!

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8 Responses to Top 10: Actors to play the new Hulk in The Avangers

  1. Eisenhorn says:

    Adrian Brody or even better, David Duchovny.

    But they should definitely reconsider and sign Ed Norton.

  2. says:

    3, 4, 5, are all too young looking to play an super genius who worked at a college then spent fives years in brazil, they need to bring back ross and mr blue who becomes that one genius villian, to have a good tie to the lst film

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  4. superfly says:

    even though i like ed norton as banner i think guy pearce would make an excelent banner

  5. Kayla says:

    I could totally see Ryan Gosling, Alexis Denisof, Joseph Gordon-Levitt (absolutely in love with him!), and Ben Foster as The Hulk. Nathan Fillion? Not so much. I see him and I expect to laugh. I’ve seen Serenity and he did action well but it also came with laughs. Nice list, though!

    • wongrath says:

      Based on the looks, I think Fillion would make a good Hulk – but still, you have a point. Maybe it’s because we’ve seen him in almost only projects with humour elements? Although, thanks for the comment!

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