Top 10: Actors to play The Riddler in Batman 3

The Batman villain who have been mostly rumoured to be shown in Batman 3 is The Riddler. Johnny Depp has been expected to get the part, but there’s also been several other actors who have been rumoured to get it. Here’s my Top 10 of who I think should get the part.

1: Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Man, he would be perfect for the part! Have that kind of psychopathic look, which would fit an eventual Riddler very well. In my opinion a better choice than Johnny Depp. Heath Ledger surprised in the role as The Joker, now it’s Gordon-Levitts turn to shine in the role as The Riddler.

2: Johnny Depp

A very good runner up to Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Is a kind of similar type of actor to the man above him, and has shown on several occasions that he’s perfect for this kind of roles. Although, Hollywood needs to try out their new exciting flesh, and therefore Depp should just be a backup for Gordon-Levitt in this movie.

3: David Tennant

Impressed with a similar role in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, where he went manic in the role as Barty Crouch, while we have also seen him calm as Doctor Who. A very good choice if the two above him can’t take the part. Exciting actor who deserves more chances.

4: James Franco

Has the looks, and he knows how to play a kind of psychopathic villain. He showed in Spider-Man that he has a huge talent, and with that role in mind he would also fit very well in the part as The Riddler in Batman.

5: Crispin Glover

He has the looks, and the way of acting. As easy as that.

6: Neil Patrick Harris

Have gotten an online push to be casted as The Riddler – and in my opinion he would definately work. Have you seen How I met your Mother, you have also seen that both he’s look and way of acting would work as The Riddler. It would be legen- wait for it -dary!

7: Paul Bettany

As the men above him, we have also seen Paul Bettany gone mad, for his case in The Da Vinci Code. Combine that with his calm and eccentric role in A Knights Tale (where he played alongside Heath Ledger), and we’ve got ourself a Riddler.

8: Kevin Bacon

Beginning to get old, but is still a bloody genius. Have played almost every kind of roles in his career, and has shown he masters everyone of them. If you’ve seen him in Death Sentence, you know he will work here.

9: Hugo Weaving

Ah, Hugo Weaving. If you’ve lived on this earth for more than ten years, you must have heard of, or at least seen this man in a film. Known from hit film series as The Matrix and The Lord of the Rings, this man have experienced almost everything as an actor. His looks would also make him a good Riddler, so this man would definately be a good choice.

10: Matthew Goode

Might be one of the weakest links on this list, but Goode has shown in several films that he masters this kind of roles. He definately has the talent to stand up to Christian Bale, and in addition to that he also has the looks to do this part.

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3 Responses to Top 10: Actors to play The Riddler in Batman 3

  1. myGODhesinhis40s says:

    I also like either Alan Cumming or Aidan Gillen for the role of Riddler as well. Riddler is a total narcisist on top of being a crimianl genius. I feel these actors could pull off both aspects quite well.

  2. myGODhesinhis40s says:

    Oh…and Vincent Cassel would be awesome as Riddler too.

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