Joaquin Phoenix replaces Norton as The Hulk?

Pretty big shock here. The mad rapper might be the one replacing Edward Norton as The Hulk in the upcoming assembling of superheroes, The Avengers.As both we in slashwirE, and about everyone else out there have written about lately, is Edward Norton out of chances to return as The Hulk. Marvel’s first response to this was that they are going to replace him with an unknown actor. However, now it seems like Marvel have changed their mind, and that they have offered the part to a bit more experienced actor – Joaquin Phoenix.

Joaquin Phoenix have a long and succesful career behind him Рwith big roles in films like Signs, Ladder 49, Walk the Line, Gladiator, The Village, Hotel Rwanda, Buffalo Soldiers,  We own the Night, The Yards, 8MM, Reservation Road and so on. Although, even if he had all this success, we all know about his manic decisions and behaviour last year Рwhen he decided to quit acting, begin rapping, and go mad on The Late Show with David Letterman.

However, if we forget about his madness for two seconds, and actually begin thinking about him as Bruce Banner – he would actually make a pretty damn good Hulk. He might accept the part as well, assuming he’s not manic still, or playing the rumoured hoax – that all this is made up to create a fake documentary, a mockumentary, made by Casey Affleck – further on. We’ll see.

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