Jonathan Nolan in as director for Superman reboot?

Jonathan’s older brother Christopher Nolan are already producing the Superman reboot. Now the rumours says that he wants Jonathan in as director for the film.In Jonathan Nolan’s career so far, he and his brother Christopher, have been working together with Christopher as director, and Jonathan as writer. The brothers have worked together with films like The Dark Knight, The Prestige, Memento and also the upcoming third entrance in the Batman series. However, if the brothers reunite again for Superman, it means that Jonathan will get his debut as director.

Geek Tyrant are the ones claiming that they have this information from a source inside of Warner Bros. The other rumour they have smuggled out is that the auditions for roles in the film have started, and that Zachary Levi (known from the hit show on TV, Chuck) have gotten a chance. Definately not a bad choice by Levi, to try out for the role as Clark Kent, since a young actor like himself must be looking for a role that would really get him a breakout in Hollywood.

Do you think Jonathan Nolan would make a good director for the Superman reboot, and who do you think should get the lead in it?

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