Top 10: Actors to play Superman in the reboot

Rumours say that Warner Bros. are looking for a new actor to play Superman in the upcoming reboot, produced by Christopher Nolan, and possibly directed by his brother Jonathan. Here’s our Top 10 of who should play the next Superman.

10: Scott Porter

You probably know Scott Porter for his role in the TV show ‘Friday Night Lights’, and also for his role as Rex Racer in Speed Racer. Has the looks to play Superman, and are also a very talented actor.

9: James Caviezel

In his career this man has been crucified as Jesus, killed aliens in the Viking age, talked to his dead father through a radio and served in the second World War. Now it might be time to consider giving him the role as Superman.

8: Chris Pine

Known for his recent role in J.J. Abram’s ‘Star Trek’. Definately a talented actor, who would deserve to get the part as Superman.

7: Emile Hirsch

Definately a guy that can act, something he proved in films like Milk, Into the Wild and Alpha Dog. Has the looks to get the part, and would at least in my opinion be a very good choice for the next Superman.

6: Zachary Levi

We all know this guy from ‘Chuck’. He has the look to play that part, as the more nerdy person, but he would also work as the next Clark Kent. Maybe this could be his breakthrough as an actor? Rumours says he’s actually already been on auditions for a role in the film.

5: Topher Grace

Became famous for his role as Eric Forman in the hit TV show ‘That ’70s Show’, and has also played an important part in Spider-Man 3. Nowadays his running around in a far off jungle, trying to not be killed by Predators. His career in Hollywood has gotten a real boost lately, and now he would deserve to get that lead he is looking for.

4: Joseph Gordon-Levitt

slashwirE have seen him as a possible Hulk in ‘The Avengers’ and Riddler in Batman 3 – and now we consider him as a fitting actor for the role as Superman. Definately a very talented actor, who could get almost every kind of role he wants.

3: Matthew Bomer

Known from roles like Bryce Larkin in Chuck and Eric in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning, Bomer would definately be a very good choice for the next Superman. Talented actor, who deserves a breakthrough in his career.

2: Brandon Routh

This man played Superman back in 2006, and why fix what’s not broken? Routh definately worked back then, and with big possibilities he will work this time as well.

1: Tom Welling

Welling actually plays Clark Kent, in the CW show Smallville, and IF they’re casting a new Superman, it should be Tom Welling. Has shown in Smallville that he’s a very talented actor, and he also has the looks of the superhero.

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18 Responses to Top 10: Actors to play Superman in the reboot

  1. UltimaRex says:

    None of the above. My pick is Armie Hammer.

  2. Jinny says:

    TOM WELLING FOR SUPERMAN! I’d support it ANY day of the week. He’s done a magnificent job portraying a pre-Superman Clark Kent on Smallville, and I KNOW he will do us proud when he gets to play Superman in the movie!

  3. once says:

    Jon Hamm! come one! he’s a tad older, but he’s the perfect Superman!

  4. Derrick says:


  5. Lexy V says:

    Please Brandon Routh. That would be amazing. I wouldn’t mind Scott Porter, Emile Hirsch, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, or James Cavizel…

    • wongrath says:

      As I say in the Top 10, Welling is my top-choice, but Routh would be an excellent choice as well, yes.

  6. Bobby says:

    I would go with Matthew Goode.

  7. daadamo says:

    Emile Hirsch? Joseph Gordon-Levitt? Topher Grace?!!? This is Superman we are talking about, right? Not Robin. On your list I see only three that seem like good choices to me, that’s Welling Routh and Caviezel. With Caviezel being the best pick (though at this point a little old.) The other four are way down the list. Imo.

    • wongrath says:

      That’s your opinion. I would like to see them as Superman. I agree with Caviezel being a very good choice, though, but his 9th because of his age.

  8. GeneralZod says:

    Please do not post anything further about a Superman movie as you have obviously never picked up a comic and are doing the entire mythos a dis-service.

  9. Statt0 says:

    10. Scott Porter – No, wrong look.
    9. Jim Caviezel – Maybe, but possibly a little to old.
    8. Chris Pine – No, nowhere near the gravitas required.
    7. Emile Hirsch – No, completely the wrong look.
    6. Zachary Levi – No, could pull of the Clarke role, but not Superman.
    5. Topher Grace – No, completely the wrong look.
    4. Joseph Gordon-Levitt – No, completely the wrong look.
    3. Matthew Bomer – Good call. Was in the running to play the role in the last movie.
    2. Brandon Routh – No, he’s had his chance. The new film doesn’t need any baggage.
    1. Tom Welling – No, he’s whiny in Smallville.

    Bomer or Caviezel out of the ten you mention.

  10. Travis says:

    BTW: I like the Routh “why fix what’s not broken” statement. Yeah you’re right, it’s not broken so much that they needed to REBOOT THE ENTIRE franchise because everything was so off with Returns. The casting was atrocious, the plot was worse, and the story was laughable. Routh is a Reeve’s wannabe, I like him, but we don’t need no second rate, knockoff from the 1978 film. PLEASE give us a badass Superman. That’s all we ask. Is it that hard?

  11. Glen says:

    Tom Welling! He IS Superman! He has the look, and sound of Superman. When you think of Superman, you either think of Chris or Tom. …. Eric Forman???… Really?? lmao! He’s probably the worst one on there! Tom has done an awesome job on Smallville, he HAS to be the next Superman! If not, I’d be really pissed off….
    lol Eric Forman… Really??!!! yeah, or how about pee wee herman?

  12. Hugh says:

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