The story of: The Gears of War movie

What started as a $100 million project have now been scaled back to a minor film, which might even not make it to the big premieres.
This story begins back in 2007, when the rumours first began to reach out to the audience. Time went by, and the rumours began to form itself into a pretty huge project. Len Wiseman, known from ‘Underworld’ and ‘Live Free or Die Hard’, was confirmed as director, while ‘Twilight’ producer Wyck Godfrey and ‘Wanted’ writer Chris Morgan also had been hired for the project.

Len Wiseman began talking about a huge project. An epic trilogy in the size of Lord of the Rings. Rumours about possible actors also began ticking in, and actors and actresses like Kate Beckinsale, Gerard Butler, Ryan Reynolds and Ken Watanabe was seen on as likely to do a good job – and Cliff Bleszinski talked about a release for the movie together with the third entrance in the game series.

Now, however, the story seems to have changed drastically. New Line Cinema have stated that the $100 million budget will be cut back to a much lighter sum, while director Len Wiseman have bailed on the film, and joined another project instead, and therefore the chances of seeing Kate Beckinsale in any of the roles might have gone up in smoke – considering her being Wiseman’s wife.

A cast which might have looked something like this…
Marcus Fenix – John Travolta or Clive Owen
Dominic Santiago – Benicio del Toro
Damon Baird – Ryan Reynolds
Augustus Cole – Michael Clarke Duncan
Minh Young Kim – Ken Watanabe
Victor Hoffman – Tommy Lee Jones
Anya Stroud – Scarlett Johansson
Maria Santiago – Kate Beckinsale

…will with the budget cuts might look something like this instead;
Marcus Fenix – Dominic Purcell
Dominic Santiago – Frankie G
Damon Baird – Josh Holloway
Augustus Cole – Lester Speight
Minh Young Kim – Jason Scott Lee
Victor Hoffman – R. Lee Ermey
Anya Stroud – Leslie Bibb
Maria Santiago – Paz Vega

However, it’s definitely not a bad cast, but compared to the one above it will probably not convince those who’s unsure, and often just goes after the size of the movie and it’s cast.

Personally I’m still looking forward to the film, however not as much as I did when it first was announced. With the budget cuts and Len Wiseman out of the project, I’ve sorrily gotten more unsure about it potential qualities.

What do you think?

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